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An Abandoned Soul

Posted: March 17, 2016 in Loud Echoes
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It all started with nothing, and it all ended with nothing. It was like a circle I was walking in, so contained with the paths, I never understood there were no destinations. I was stuck such happily I forgot to cry. It was the best chaos of my life — this love I had.

It wanted me to escape, but I never planned to come out. There were doors open, but I didn’t wish to leave the darkness behind. Even if I could have stepped outside — into a newer world — I would not have managed to grasp the reality of it, for I believed in the virtuality; for my heart is blindfolded by the sheer peace a void brings. I kept walking in its circles, and I forgot what I didn’t remember.

I had closed my eyes for too long, I couldn’t face the wraths of lights. I kept holding to myself and this feeling – this love I had.

And one day, it forced me out in the wild. I kept crying but it didn’t take me back. I screamed and it didn’t listen. I hurt myself and it didn’t care. It wanted me to disappear, like I never mattered enough.

I waited for the doors to open, but it never happened. My love had abandoned me, but I couldn’t. I started moving in the same circles again, just this time outside the wall.

Now I am tired, but love doesn’t let me in. I am going to collapse, but it still doesn’t want me.