About Lafzbook

“My words ruin the feelings of what I want to say” – Dr. Irshad Kamil

I too follow this glimpse of this thought. We all have something to tell, but we have become chewers of our own words. There are times when broken feelings expel the lies of our eyes, and say it all loud. This is where my “lafz” comes from.

Like a pigeon who wants to convey that what it feel like not to fly’ anymore; that how it feels when he is caged; how we steal its world, when it falls to our cruel fists.. Like a fruit from a tree, we snatch them from skies. But it neither can say nor complain about it. His words ruin the feelings of what it wants to say. His “lafz” are his seldom attempts to be free again.

Or like a soul which wants to tell that there is no heaven or hell for us; that it is at a point of blankness where it feels nothing; that all our reasons to fight for some heaven is making our existing heaven a hell; that there will be no paradise if we keep fouling the very world we live in. But it cant say it. Its “lafz” are its seldom attempts to be whole again.

To Lafz!

Yashu Gola

  1. lenkovo says:

    Hello Yashu, is it possible to reach you somehow via email? I jumped to your article http://www.newsbtc.com/2015/03/09/country-leading-bitcoin-revolution/ . Please let me know or contact me @LenkaLacova .
    Thank you. Have a nice day there:)

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