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Me, Myself and Yashu

Writing a blog seems more like a way to interact with yourself. When I created ‘lafzbook’, my only focus was to promote my creative contents. It was way back in 2012 when I was just finishing my graduation. I was just a simple boy with so many dreams, something that couldn’t even fit a single lifetime. But I was there, an individual with dedication, supported by a 1MBPS connection and an old computer.

I always wished to write; I still do. But ever since graduation, I couldn’t write a single word that could hold my own attention. The hardships of real world was taking over my conscience. There were projects, but no exercises; deadlines but no goals; and there was me, fulfilling them all, like a machine, while losing my creativity like a dysfunctional tap losing water, bit-by-bit.

But finally, I am planning to leave that life behind. I am hoping to come out of my writing block; I am just that same old boy who had dreams “that couldn’t even fit a single lifetime.” I am finally beginning to interact with myself. I would like to invite you all to this journey of mine.

Its time I find myself, and an audience. 🙂


About two lovers who had to part their ways after walking few beautiful miles. 

Kitne dino tak saath chale,
haatho me lekar haath chale,
shaam sehar din raat chale,
par lagta bin baat chale..

Jab jana iss dagar mujhe,
jab jana uss dagar tujhe,
raahe takraayengi fir nahi,
to fir kyu sang chale,
to fir kyu sang chale…

Ha main dekhunga mud mud ke,
kya tum mudogi kabhi,
Pal pal ladunga khud se he main,
kya tum ladogi kabhi,
yaado ko teri pehnoonga main,
aakho se lekar dil me kahi,
tujhse he baate karta rahoonga,
to kya hua tu nahi kahi…

kya tum bhi karogi yahi, nahi…

to fir kyu sang chale,
ha fir kyu sang chale,
raahe takraayengi fir nahi,
to fir kyu sang chale.