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When saddi Delhi Metro announced two extra coaches especially for women, I saw the capital’s feminine heaving a sigh of relief. Many male commuters used to offer their ‘rape at first sight’ services. Women also complained about manhandling during entry or exit. In my fading memory, I remember that one woman actually cried because some unknown person has reached to her private parts in an overcrowded journey.

I remember the reaction of that lady. It was heart breaking, sad and most importantly penitent. While most of the bravepeople around her tried to comfort her. Overtaking the situation, they shouted out crazy slang to kill that bastard who did such an awful thing.

What I did? I smiled embarrassingly to the whole scenario. For most of us, it was an entertainment of a helpless woman and her struggle in this mean and rogue world. My headphones shuffled to Smack That and I moved on with a thought. Later Delhi Metro introduced the new branded under quota coaches. Problem Solved? Isn’t it? My thought collapsed.

Most of the time I went through the meaning of discrimination based on castes, colour, creed, religion, gender. But what I always observed that the one have faced discrimination turns out to be the biggest discriminator. How? Like we Indians. We have been subjected to our core that we have faced more racial discrimination than any breed that has faced one. But the truth is, we have turned out to be the biggest discriminator. Watch Swades, it tells a lot about it.

Likewise gender discrimination, women have faced a thousand ton of discrimination by their opposite sex. It has been going on since so called human understood that breasts and vagina can create wars, so they need to be kept under a heavy surveillance. Time moved on, gender discrimination too. Now the victim is oppressing the rogue. Their weapons are their impotency to handle men. Why? Because men are not helpless like women, they are strong and brave which is by the way, the biggest lie I have ever heard.

Women, I hope I am not being rude and I understand that war of sexes have no end. This is no war also. I am not trying to suppress my thought of calling you weak. I am just trying to show you that how men are considering you weak, because you yourself have gone to such level of penitence. You talk about empowerment, but you also ask for special allocations. How can we talk about equality if one is trying to defeat other?

I understand the discrimination you face at job, family, or anywhere you go but you must understand that you can’t seek an answer depending on higher authorities. You are an answer to your own miseries. If you let men tell you what to do then you turn out to be a part of that disastrous legacy of discrimination. Be stubborn, dogged, strong minded and braved. Wear anything you like, say anything you like to say and most importantly, feel equal, and ask for equality not special facilities. Give back those train coaches and other quotas, face and break the wrongdoers.

Like that woman in Delhi Metro who found her solace in crying off her tears rather than break those hands that touched her. If a man tries to save you, he involuntarily proved that he is far better than you. Save yourself, and if you need a hand we are there to help you. But we are not the ones to solve your problems, we are just catalysts to it. We will fight the rogues together. I am also like you, a victim of a bad government, debauched society and discrimination.