Posted: September 21, 2012 in Poems about Love
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Looks like nothing is attached,

and every pair of string is uneven,

how i will gonna walk to you,

when our earths are detached..

I see how this sky lies to me everytime,

makes me believe that it will be fine,

i sulk into the increasing silence of yours,

the distance murders and voices die..

There is life between me and you,

and i m crossing the borders of life,

you dont have to come to me anymore,

i’ll be with you more than alive..

I felt the feelings of not feeling anything,

to feel you eternally i died to feel,

that i have got you for forever,

for me now we are together..

You walk with me though without me,

you cry with me though without me,

you laugh with me though without me,

you’re in love with me though without me.,

the touch has faded and the feeling only grows,

in sync we desire the existence of each other,

we are forever though no more…

  1. lafzbook says:

    Thank you Mr. Ido.. 🙂

  2. lafzbook says:

    thank you vikas bhai.. 🙂

  3. lafzbook says:

    Thank You Mr. Latter!

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